Allied Media Projects

Media strategies for a more just and creative world
Photo by Ara Howrani
Photo by Vanessa Miller
Photo by AJ Manoulian
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About AMP

  1. Allied Media Projects cultivates media strategies for a more just, creative, and collaborative world.

  2. We convene close to 2,000 people annually in Detroit to develop and exchange strategies through the Allied Media Conference.

  3. You can support AMP by becoming a sustainer. Check out publications, t-shirts, and stickers in the AMPstore.

Photo by Ara Howrani
Photo by Vanessa Miller
Photo by AJ Manoulian
Photo by Diana J. Nucera
Photo by Ara Howrani

Sponsored Projects

  1. Out of the AMC emerge new projects, campaigns, and collaborations that continue year round.

  2. Through our Sponsored Projects program, we offer these projects a range of shared services including fiscal management, project planning, fundraising and communications strategy.

  3. Our goal is to grow an alliance of media and technology projects working towards a more just, creative, and collaborative world. To become a Sponsored Project fill out an assessment form.

Photo by Ara Howrani
Photo by Vanessa Miller
Photo by Ara Howrani
Photo by Ara Howrani
Photo by Ara Howrani
Photo by Ara Howrani

Allied Media Conference

  1. The AMC is a collaborative laboratory of media-based organizing strategies for transforming our world, held every Summer in Detroit.

  2. The AMC is for all ages and skill levels, with hundreds of hands-on workshops, strategy sessions, presentations and performances.

  3. The 17th annual AMC is June 18-21, 2015 in Detroit. Propose an AMC2015 Track, Network Gathering, or Practice Space.


  1. Contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

"Media a Go-Go Lab" seeking work stations and skill-sharing sessions

Mar 4, 2012

The AMC2012 "Media a Go-Go Lab" is seeking proposals for Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-With Others work stations and skill-shares.

Also check out the general AMC2012 call for session proposals.


At the center of the AMC galaxy, there is the non-stop Media a Go-Go Lab. It is as diverse as it is explorative—a radiating multidimensional dynamic space that transforms ideas into actions and remixes the energy of our creativity and collective memory into space and time!


The Media a Go-Go Lab is a multidimensional zone devoted to hands-on and Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-With Others work stations and skillshares. Lab participants will learn media-making skills, collaborative design*, innovative communications tactics**, and build technology throughout the weekend. We will create opportunities to analyze, remix, and transform our current and future technologies! This dynamic space is where we put the walk to the talk at the AMC.

* collaborative design: groups or individuals working together with common goals to create a shared vision
** innovative communication tactics: new ways of shaping and framing messaging for your movement, using internet tools to cross borders


The Media a Go-Go lab stays open all weekend-long and houses stations that allow people to explore the skills they have picked up throughout the conference. Stations should engage participants in creative explorations and allow them to take technology into their own hands. In the past, media lab stations included: Linux/open source softwares, audio editing, video editing, online game design, radio broadcasting, social media tools, building radio transmitters, building computers, working on wireless mesh networks, and making homemade electronic instruments.

This is not a space for traditional panels or discussions. This is a space for hands-on experimentation and excitement!

We especially encourage sessions that:

  • are appropriate for all ages
  • demystify media and technology
  • are accessible to people of all abilities and experience levels
  • intersect with other topics that are being addressed at the AMC
  • build the leadership of people traditionally excluded from technology
  • allow people to imaging the future of media and technology

Proposals are due March 14. Submit your proposals at AMPTalk.


  • Arduino hardware and software hacking
  • Electronics design and soldering
  • How to build or fix a computer
  • Beat making, audio editing, music production
  • Photography stations for editing or re-mixing
  • Film and video how-to and editing
  • Design and visioning for future technology and media
  • Alternative energy and green tech
  • Collaborative design stations
  • ...and things we can't yet imagine!