About the Year in Chrysalis

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Onward to our next, most elegant form. Check this page for updates and documentation on our Chrysalis process.

Circle showing stages of the AMP chrysalis, with pieces of the chyrsalis logo rearranging into a butterfly

For 20 years, we have come together to explore and grow our vision and practice of media-based organizing. It has been glorious, world-shaping, life-changing. In the fall of 2018, the AMC announced it was taking a year off from producing the conference - launching the Year in Chrysalis. The AMC has been a phenomenal caterpillar, hungry and growing for two decades, but what is the butterfly that we can become?

The Year in Chrysalis is a time of reflection, deep-dive evaluation, research, and development – a year that includes your voice – as we plan for the return of the AMC.


Download the AMC Year in Chrysalis synopsis by clicking the image below, or read it online here.

image of Year in Chrysalis synopsis pdf