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Help Make the AMC Possible

Thank you to everyone that stepped up to volunteer for the AMC!

The AMC has around 3000 participants for four days and five nights of workshops, panels, film screenings, Detroit tours, and art and music events. Volunteers are essential to making it all possible.

Volunteers contribute a minimum of eight hours of work in exchange for complimentary conference registration, a free t-shirt, and a meal.

Volunteers are required to participate in either a virtual or in-person orientation before the conference.

As always, the AMC is excited to welcome volunteers of all ages, identities, and abilities.

Possible volunteer roles

Childcare: Watch and play with babies and kids in the childcare space, workshops, lunch caucuses, and slumber parties.

Interpretation: Support individuals or groups of participants with English-to-Spanish, Spanish-to-English and ASL interpretation and translation. If you can offer other forms of interpretation or translation, let us know!

General Operations: Help keep logistics running smoothly before, during and after the conference. Assist with things like: printing badges, hanging signs and banners, filling soap dispensers, post-conference tear-down and load-out, keeping an eye on the relaxation room, accommodating accessibility requests, and other random logistical needs during the conference.

Registration: Be the first face of the AMC! Help participants check-in for the AMC at the registration table.

Nighttime events: From sober spaces to parties, we need volunteers to support the nighttime events coordinator in ensuring a smooth experience for participants, performers and staff by helping with set-up, clean-up and running the door.

Medical Team: Be on call during your shift in case we need immediate medical support. (This position requires certified CPR/First Aid or First Responder skills.)

Safety: Support participants if they need space to process any emotional needs or challenges from any part of their experience through the weekend.

Info Desk: Work with AMC coordinators to staff info desks throughout the conference. (We will train you on basic info.)

Merch: Be the face of the AMC Merch Table. Help conference attendees purchase AMC swag, books, and other awesome conference keepsakes.

Signage: Work with our Signage Captain to ensure the entire footprint of the conference is covered with all the proper wayfinding signs, banners, and directional indicators.

A/V: There are only a few spots available here. You'd be the right hand to our A/V Coordinator. Must have A/V experience; i.e., taking photos, video, using lapel and handheld microphones, in addition to other recording equipment.