FemTechNet Network Gathering

Digital Feminisms in Action

FemTechNet is a D.I.O. (Do It Ourselves) network founded in 2012 by feminist organizers, educators, artists, activists, and scholars working on technology, justice, transformation, digital media praxis and theory. This is our second year at AMC and we are excited to have found our spiritual and intellectual home. We are an open multigenerational network, and we welcome new members who want to work together, smash the patriarchy, create new intersectional feminist theory, prototype projects, and transform education, action, and theory for the digital age. FemTechNet brings together several interest groups, including a critical race and media group, a digital archiving expert group, a feminist pedagogy group, and is open to your ideas for new ones! Come and get to know us in person in Detroit, and add yourself to our mailing list for our online meeting schedule and more.

Coordinators of this network gathering are Naomi Silver, George Hoagland, Lisa Nakamura, Veronica Paredes, Anne Cong-Huyen, and Stephanie Rosen.

Call for Participation

The old stuff isn’t working anymore. We need to make it anew and do it ourselves. How can feminist technologists collaborate to decentralize institutional control of technologies? How can we reclaim “collective intelligence” as a common good versus a digital commodity? FemTechNet platforms new feminist knowledge about technology among researchers, activists, and organizers. We want to rethink our strategies and tactics for these precarious times. Part networking event, skillshare, and strategy session, attendees will prototype their own cyberfeminist theories and manifestos.

What does intersectional feminist media praxis mean to you?
How do you teach, learn, and do justice-oriented digital and techno-cultural practices?
What are your tactics of choice for cultivating networks of care and study?

Join our open network gathering to create a community of care for feminist digital media theorists and activists from the margins and the center. Participants will leave this gathering with new strategies and tactics, collaborations, co-working alliances, and the embodied support generated by sharing physical space.

Questions? You can reach us at femtechnetinquiries AT gmail DOT com. For more information about FemTechNet, visit http://femtechnet.org.

Please fill out a registration form here: https://goo.gl/forms/XiyLSpmDGnG1NmwG2


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