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A Space for LGBTQ Youth of Color

Detroit REPRESENT! aims to inspire and support community organizing efforts led by LGBTQ youth of color from Detroit. We launched in June 2011 as a short-term summer program created by and for LGBTQ youth. The drive to create Detroit REPRESENT! came, in part, from a desire to build spaces where LGBTQ youth of color could work creatively to solve community problems at the macro level, through a grassroots organizing model.

In the summer of 2011, approximately eight regular attendees participated in meetings, which mostly involved film and digital photography projects. Since that time, our membership has shifted. Some of the original members no longer identify as youth. Some of those who now identify as adults remain involved in a supportive capacity, while some have grown as community leaders outside the collective. We currently have approximately six regular youth members.

Founding Members

Lance Hicks
Rhiannon Chester
Marcos Carrillo
Reese Williams