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Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute

Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute

Emergent Strategy Immersions

In 2018 we launched a series of Detroit based Immersions - spaces to come and learn emergent strategy in relationship with others. After the first year of learning, we are taking the program to cities where there are clusters of emergent strategists looking to practice. Immersions are loosely structured convenings for people who are already in deep engagement with the work of emergent strategy (ES) and would like to share and create new strategies together to apply ES to real life content. Led by members of the Emergent Strategy Facilitation Cohort, participants cover core aspects of emergent strategy and co-create most aspects of the time together; that co-creation and participation is where the learning will happen. Immersions occur over the course of four days.

In order to get involved with these Immersions, join the Octavia Butler and Emergent Strategy Facebook page, or email emergentstrategy@alliedmedia.org to be added to our list. Further information (e.g., application) about these immersions will be emailed and shared on social media as they become available.

Don't forget to save the dates for future Immersions for this year:
• New Orleans, LA: June 27-30, 2019

• Washington, DC: July 18-21, 2019

• Durham, NC: August 8-11, 2019

• Detroit, MI: October 24-27, 2019

• Oakland, CA: November 14-17, 2019

Change, interdependence and transformation

The Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute is a hub to experiment, think, facilitate, learn and share emergent strategy.

Emergent strategy speaks to practices, responses, visions and plans that embrace complexity and change, interdependence and transformation. It is a noticed strategy, present in the natural world, present in how we humans long to interact with each other. It is both ancient and constant. Humans have socialized away from it, trying to implement strategy in a way that indicates we have more control than we do and that assumes time and change are linear, foreseeable processes.

Emergent strategy is a humble philosophy, a way to acknowledge the real power of change, and be in right relationship to it. In addition to approaching facilitation from an adaptive approach that empowers the participants to guide and deepen the work, we use science fiction as a tool to practice strengthening our imaginations, our capacity to think beyond the limitations of our socialization - beyond competition, beyond binaries, beyond linear, short-term outcomes. Learn more about ESII.

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