Detroit Futurists launch "Major Media Projects"

Earlier this Summer, Detroit Future Media graduated its third class of "Detroit Futurists" – Detroiters who are committed to using media and technology for a more just, creative, and collaborative city.

The graduation featured a digital gallery of 27 major media projects, each addressing a local problem and proposing solutions. These media projects are the outcomes of an intensive 4-month training in which students learned technical skills in web development, graphics, video, and IT networking and applied those skills in the areas of entrepreneurship, community wireless, transformative art practices, and education.

Explore the full digital gallery of 27 projects, here. See below an exciting sample the 2013 Major Media Projects.

Lost Streets by Michelle Martinez

Lost Streets is an 8-minute video about the coming international bridge and the parallels to the displacement of people through the construction of I-75. It highlights the process of speculation, disinvestment, and uncertainty for residents. This is hoped to be the first part of a series on deterritorialization which also explores oil production and criminalization of undocumented people and the communities strategies for resilience.

People's Kitchen Detroit Poster Series by Triana Kazaleh Sirdenis

People's Kitchen poster

The People’s Kitchen Poster Series is a visual translation of workshops and recipes into 11x17 posters. The project addresses the lack of graphic and educational resources for community-empowered health education.

"This is Why" by Maggie McGuire

This is Why

"This Is Why" features individuals working in art, culture and social activism speaking candidly about the emotional side to their work, shedding light on the values and the vital engagement behind the work that they do. These core values are boiled down and made into silkscreened shirts and patches, promoting emotional connection and resonance with mutual values above all.

Wink Detroit by Adriel Thornton


Wink’s mission is to provide exposure for queer culture in and around Detroit. By creating an online platform (website) that can serve as a portal to this culture, Wink will provide a resource to the community. It will create a virtual "gayborhood," elevating queer voices and stories and connecting Detroit’s LGBTQ community to each other.

48217 Community and Environmental Health Website by Theresa Landrum

48217 Community

This website for the 48217 Community and Environmental Health Organization chronicles the plight of area residents' as they fight against polluting industries. It features the stories of residents who struggle daily for clean air, land, and water with the goal of improving the quality of life for all. It compiles community research about the sources and impacts of pollution, making that information available to regulatory agencies, local and national media and to the community as a whole.

EcoSphere Mesh Network by Eric Hall, Heru House, and John Pugno


Ecosphere is a wireless mesh project that will extend from Davison to Hamilton between Ewald Circle and Oakman. This project investigates the problem of community separation/isolation and offers mesh wireless connectivity as a way for neighbors to communicate, share resources and organize.

Food Stories by Shane Bernardo

food stories

Being able to celebrate your culture around food is a fundamental human right. Food Stories is a food justice interview series about how preserving food can be a form of resistance and liberation. Food Stories is made up of oral histories on our struggles and experiences around food as well as the values and culture embedded within them. In this interview, poet/oral historian Emily Lawsin talks about her experiences around food in Detroit and as a volunteer with Detroit Summer, a Detroit-based youth movement.

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