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Octavia's Brood

Octavia's Brood Booking

Octavia’s Brood is touring the US and offering opportunities to bring radical science fiction to your upcoming event.

Types of Events

Reading: The co-editors/writers read excerpts from their pieces in the anthology, and engage in a community conversation around radical science fiction and organizing.

Presentation: The co-editors/writers present about Octavia’s Brood in the context of the history of sci-fi and social change, sharing tools for using science fiction as a practice ground for social justice strategizing and vision.

Collective Sci-Fi Writing Workshop: After a brief presentation on the larger themes of sci fi and social change, the co-editors/writers will lead participants through a collective story-telling/writing workshop where they create collective and individual stories based on current political issues.

Science Fiction Poetry Workshop: Poetry has often been a method of survival for marginalized groups, a way of expressing emotions and knowledge the mainstream seeks to ignore. This will be combined with the visionary framework of sci-fi in this workshop. Participants will merge two literary genres, sci-fi and poetry, to explore prompts generated during the workshop. There will be paired as well as large group sharing time.

Octavia Butler Emergent Strategy Training/Session: Co-editors/writers will present about emergent strategy, a way of moving forward towards collective organizing vision that focuses on resilience, adaptation, deep connections and transformative justice. Participants will then be lead through an organizing strategy session based on the works of Octavia Butler and other radical sci-fi writers.

Sci-Fi and Direct Action Training: Participants will use familiar stories of other worlds (such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Oz, Harry Potter, etc.) to design direct action campaigns that parallel the world we are fighting for in the here and now. By the end of the session, regimes will be toppled, evil forces vanquished and solid skills in direct action organizing developed.

2070 People's Encyclopedia Zine Making Workshop: It has been 50 years since the historic Civil Rights/Liberation Movements of the 1960s and 1970s. In this workshop, participants will imagine themselves 55 years in the future, and engage in writing entries for the 2070 People’s Encyclopedia about current issues/events now, as a way of imagining how the world today can lead to the world we want. At the end, each participant will have a zine made during the workshop to take with them.