The Aadizookaan

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The Aadizookaan

The Aadizookaan [ADZKN] seeks guidance from ancestral indigenous-based knowledge systems for culture creation & dynamic storytelling experiences through traditional & contemporary music, film, media & design to help produce stories for the many layers of communities, organizations, businesses & people.

In addition to multimedia storytelling projects and installations the Aadizookaan is working on a couple large collaborative projects:

The Aadizookaan HQ

We are working on building our home in Southwest Detroit with multimedia studios to continue to grow our storywork and our sustainability. Additionally it is an artist residency and international, national, regional, hyper-local cultural exchange space that will support artists in social practice as they visit Detroit to have an experience that is immersive and collaborative, respectfully building with the many layers of community here. We are creating a unique, organic live-work experience for artists while also embracing the Anishinaabe connection to the land in Detroit and rekindling interrelationship amongst people through our work in Music, Film, Design, & Storytelling.

Mawadisidiwag [They Visit Each Other]

To share Detroit stories in the tradition of indigenous communities by using multimedia tools that travel to communities in a mobile storytelling unit. This will be a mobile version of the studios at the Aadizookaan that will bring multimedia tools to help community members weave together collective stories through the elements of music, film and design as a way to build connections of humanity and connect the dots that improve the quality of life for our next generations coming to mother earth through the art of visiting and community organizing.