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Jeanette Lee

Executive Director

Jenny Lee is the executive director of Allied Media Projects, where she has worked in various capacities since 2006. Over this period she has led the healthy growth and evolution of the organization through facilitative leadership, innovative program design, and network cultivation. She honed the theory and practice of media-based organizing that is at the core of AMP’s work. Jenny represents AMP within city-wide and national initiatives to advance the fields of media, art, technology, and social justice. These include the 12 Recommendations for Detroit Funders initiative, PolicyLink’s Arts, Culture, and Equitable Development initiative, the City of Detroit’s UNESCO City of Design application (2015), and the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition’s Detroit Future initiative (2010 - 2013). She currently serves on the leadership team of the national Art x Culture x Social Justice Network. In 2015 she was a Detroit Equity Action Lab fellow and from 2008 - 2012 she served on the national steering committee of INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence. Jenny graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in comparative literature in 2005. She is a mom, a dancer, and a motorcycle rider.

Mike Medow

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Medow serves as Allied Media Projects’ chief operating officer. He directs AMP’s financial operations, and overall business and communications strategy. Mike began working at AMP in 2005 while finishing his B.A. in political science at the University of Michigan. He led the process of bringing AMP and the Allied Media Conference to a new permanent home in Detroit in 2007. He continues to contribute to the production of the Allied Media Conference, including the programming of nighttime music events. In 2014, Mike designed AMP’s Sponsored Projects Program, which offers fiscal sponsorship and capacity building services to not-for-profit projects working at the intersections of media, art, technology, and social change.

Mike served on the Board of Directors for FoodLab Detroit from 2014-2016. Since 2013, he has been a Marshall Memorial Fellow of the German Marshall Fund and continues to engage regularly with fellowship activities. Mike is also a co-founder of the award-winning art and music production company Emergence Media as well as the experimental music record label, Sector 7-G Recordings. He holds several dj residencies around Detroit, and regularly produces events celebrating Detroit's legendary dance music culture.

Morgan Willis

Associate Director

Morgan Willis is the program director of the Allied Media Conference. She joined the AMP team in 2012 and specializes in facilitation, program management, and synthesizing diverse ideas and voices. Morgan helped grow the conference through facilitating the decentralized leadership structure of the AMC's tracks, practice spaces and network gatherings. She also led the production of publications like the How We Organize AMC zine and the Presenter Guidelines zine, and grew the base of local partners such as the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Detroit Historical Museum. She is a writer and editor of the anthology “Outside the XY: Queer, Black and Brown Masculinity.” She also consults with projects and organizations seeking to develop their creative, community and organizational strategies.

Monica Kish

Office & Accounting Manager

Monica Kish began her work in bookkeeping at Allied Media Projects in 2011 and joined the team as the office manager and accounting assistant in 2014. She received her M.B.A. from Wayne State University in 2008 and has been working in accounting for nonprofits for 14 years. She launched her business, Monica K. Kish MBA LLC, in 2010 with the goal of helping individuals and organizations with an arts / social justice mission navigate government/IRS red tape. In 2016 she closed down her business to work as the Office and Accounting Manager at AMP. She loves keeping track of sponsored projects’ finances so that they can focus their energies on achieving their missions. In her free time, Monica likes to garden, can & preserve the food she’s grown, read, swim and ride her bike.

Diana J. Nucera

Director of Detroit Community Technology Project

Diana Nucera, media maven and accomplished cellist, has worked in media arts for sixteen years. She attended her first Allied Media Conference in 1999 as a 17 year-old. She joined AMP’s staff in 2008 and in 2011, Diana led the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition in developing the “DiscoTech” fair, an event that demystifies, engages, and informs communities on Internet policies and technology tools. She co-authored the How To Discotech zine, a guide to producing these events. The following year, Diana worked with the Open Technology Institute to develop the Detroit Digital Stewards program, the first curriculum and training program for wireless mesh networks.

Diana has expertise in engaging multi-generational, diverse communities in exploring innovative technology solutions. In 2014 Diana founded the Detroit Community Technology Project (DCTP), a sponsored project of AMP. Her work focuses on developing popular education materials that empower communities to use media and technology to investigate, illuminate, and develop visionary solutions to challenges. Diana is expanding community technology in Detroit through the Equitable Internet Initiative and in New York through the New America Foundation’s RISE: NYC Program. Her latest publications include the Opening Data Zine and the Teaching Community Technology Handbook. As a fan of joy and celebration, Diana is known for leading office wide rounds of applause when a friend walks into the AMP office.

Anderson Walworth

IT Manager, Detroit Community Technology Project

Anderson Walworth is the IT manager of the Detroit Community Technology Project (DCTP), a sponsored project of AMP. He facilitates community technology training through the Digital Stewards Training Program . As part of this role, he helps build and maintain the mesh network and other community wireless networks around the city. He facilitates bi-weekly Detroit digital stewards community group meetings. He is a computer hardware specialist for both macs and PCs and has an interest in wireless engineering and community-owned wifi networks. He is also a member of the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition and project manager for the development of the Detroit Music Box app.

Prior to his work at AMP, Anderson worked at several educational software development companies. His interests include music, gaming, science, robotics, virtual worlds and metaphysics.

Nathaniel Mullen III

Director, Detroit Future Schools

Nathaniel Mullen is the director of Detroit Future Schools (DFS), a sponsored project of AMP. He joined the AMP team in 2011, as part of the founding team of DFS. Nate’s work thrives at the intersection of art, education and people. For eight years, Nate has worked in classrooms, leading student media investigations which have included everything from stop motion videos about Newton's Laws to infographics on the complexities of global economics. He has a B.F.A. from the University of Michigan and is a graduate of Detroit Public Schools. Lastly, Nate is a lover of bad jokes, cheesy graphics and Krista Tippett.

Toni Moceri

Director of Sponsored Projects

Toni Moceri manages AMP’s sponsored projects program, supporting over 70 sponsored projects working at the intersection of media and social justice. Toni brings almost two decades of nonprofit and public service experience to AMP. Toni has worked as a consultant focusing on leadership, public policy, small business, and community development initiatives. She also served as a Macomb County Commissioner for three terms, from 2009 - 2014. Toni has a Master of Research in Humanities and Cultural Studies from the London Consortium and completed postgraduate studies in urbanism and design at the Bauhaus Kolleg in Dessau, Germany. She’s also a graduate of the University of Michigan with a B.A. in American culture and anthropology. In 2011, she was a recipient of the Marshall Memorial Fellowship.

Nandi Comer

Administrative Associate and Bookings Manager

Nandi Comer is a poet, writer and teacher who serves as the administrative coordinator and bookings manager at Allied Media Projects. Along with the youth of Detroit Summer’s Live Arts Media Project she attended her first AMC in 2006. Since she has participated in AMP in various capacities including a volunteer and the AMC advisory board. In 2014 and 2015 she was the AMC volunteer coordinator. She specializes in literary arts and youth education with particular interests in adolescent arts engagement. She is the former After School Program Coordinator for River Rogue Public Schools and former Community Projects Coordinator for InsideOut Literary Arts Project.

Outside of youth education and her work at AMP, Nandi is active in the Detroit literary community. She is the lead poet in Techno Poetics, an interdisciplinary performance project that draws from the history and structure of Detroit Techno in order form new pieces. She is also a big fan of Lucha Libre and is currently completing her first poetry collection about the sport titled Tapping Out.

Sophia Softky

Development Associate

Sophia Softky supports grantwriting and grassroots fundraising efforts at Allied Media Projects. They studied critical theory at the University of Texas at Austin, where they also led fundraising operations for student co-ops. Sophia has been a freelance writer and journalist for several years, and their work on popular culture and social justice has been published online, in several magazines and in one book titled Trayvon Martin, Race and American Justice: Writing Wrong. They are also a member of the Board of Directors for Seraphine Collective, an inclusive community of feminist musicians in Detroit, and moonlights as a DJ under the name BEIGE. Sophia believes in disco, charcuterie, and the power of social justice organizing through arts and culture.

Nadine Marshall

Content Coordinator, Allied Media Conference

Nadine Marshall is the content coordinator for the Allied Media Conference. They joined the team in 2017 and specialize in strategic planning, community engagement, and program development. Nadine graduated from Wayne State University with an MSW in 2017 and hopes to continuously engage their passion to uplift, bridge, and empower minority communities through creative platforms. They are also a poet who has appeared at TED x U of M (2016), The Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam in Columbus, OH (2016), and The National Poetry Slam Competition in Oakland, CA (2015). Among other things, Nadine is an avid collector of chapbooks / a lover of black films/music/podcasts / and a decent cook.

Jon Riley

Accounting Assistant

Jon supports our accounting team in the capacity of an administrative assistant. He works alongside Monica to process payment requests and reports. He fulfills most of the behind-the-scenes work, but can answer any questions on the status of payment requests, whether any grants or donations have been deposited on your behalf, and general Allied Media Project accounting procedures. Outside of the office, he is an urban planning and information science student at the University of Michigan and would love to chat with you about either of these.

Kristyn Sonnenberg

Web Design and Development

Kristyn has a background in UX research and design as well as web development. She is part of the communications team for DCTP, focusing on information design, graphic design and branding, and social media guides for the Equitable Internet Initiative. She is also responsible for design and development of DCTP’s website.

Tawana Petty

Data Justice Community Researcher, Detroit Community Technology Project

Tawana "Honeycomb" Petty is a mother, social justice organizer, youth advocate, poet and author. She was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and is intricately involved in water rights advocacy, visionary organizing and data justice work. Honeycomb serves as a Data Justice Community Researcher and a Communications Representative for the Detroit Community Technology Project and co-leads the Our Data Bodies Project, a three-city, participatory data justice research project. Honeycomb is also a member of the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition. She is the founder of Petty Propolis, a Sponsored Project of Allied Media Projects where she gets to grow through teaching poetry as visionary resistance while nurturing youth, millennials, and seasoned adults through various organizing initiatives. Honeycomb is the author of Introducing Honeycomb, Coming Out My Box, and the Petty Propolis Reader. She is also a member of the Riverwise Magazine Collective, which produces a quarterly magazine dedicated to lifting up the grassroots visionary work and resilience of Detroiters. You can find Honeycomb honing her social justice chops at the James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership, where she serves as a board member and is committed to sharpening her historical analysis through regular study and political discussion.

Janice Gates

Program Coordinator, Equitable Internet Initiative

Janice has a background in program management, marketing, public relations, and communications. As the EII Program Coordinator, Janice works with anchor organizations in three Detroit neighborhoods to seed community technology programming, including the Digital Stewards and Next Gen Apps training programs. When she isn’t working, she is tutoring, running, boxing, and being an awesome auntie!

ill Weaver

Director, Detroit Narrative Agency

ill Weaver is a founding director of Detroit Narrative Agency. In addition to their work with DNA they are an artist and organizer who co-founded Emergence Media, Complex Movements, Detroit Future Youth, and coordinated Detroit Summer for over a decade. As a musician and lyricist they released two critically acclaimed albums, ShapeShifters (2008) and Beware of the Dandelions (2016 with Complex Movements). As a filmmaker, they have worked on several film projects including producing The Revival Series about women in hip-hop, and Locusts (2008) about resisting displacement and gentrification in Detroit. Their artistic work has been recognized through many fellowships and awards including fellowships with Sundance Knight Fellows (2016), United States Artists (2015), Kresge Arts in Detroit (2010), and the Ellen Stone Belic Institute for Women and Gender in the Arts and Media (2009).

Tanzila Ahmed

Campaign Strategist, 18Million Rising

Tanzila "Taz" Ahmed is an activist, storyteller, and politico based in Los Angeles. An electoral organizer by trade, she’s mobilized thousands of Asian American & Pacific Islanders to the polls in over seventeen different languages in the past fifteen years at various non-profit organizations, starting with founding South Asian American Voting Youth in 2004. She currently is a Campaign Strategist at the Asian American new media organizing group 18Million Rising, a sponsored project of AMP.

In 2016, Taz was honored as a White House Champion of Change for Asian American and Pacific Islander Art and Storytelling. She is cohost of The #GoodMuslimBadMuslim Podcast that has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Wired, and Buzzfeed as well as live shows recorded at South by Southwest and the White House. An avid essayist, she had a monthly column called Radical Love, was a blogger for Sepia Mutiny, has written for Truthout, The Aerogram, The Nation, Left Turn Magazine, and more. She is published in the anthology Good Girls Marry Doctors (2016) poetry collection Coiled Serpent (2016) and anthology Love, Inshallah (2012). Taz curates Desi music at Mishthi Music where she co-produced Beats for Bangladesh and she annually makes #MuslimVDay Cards. Her artwork was featured in the shows Sharia Revoiced (2015), in Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center’s “H-1B” (2015), and Rebel Legacy: Activist Art from South Asian California (2014).

Cayden Mak

Director of 18Million Rising

Cayden Mak is Director at 18Million Rising, a digital civic engagement hub for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) and a sponsored project of AMP. As part of's founding staff, they were an integral part of developing the organization's vision, voice, analysis, and playbook. Prior to, they taught intro media studies courses, organized marginalized academic labor, and contested corporate power at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York. While in graduate school, they co-founded New York Students Rising, a network of student organizers working for justice and equity in public higher education in New York State. They have been helping organize the Allied Media Conference since 2012, including currently serving on the 2017 conference advisory committee. They also helped found Youngist, a young people-powered movement media network dedicated to paying its writers and publishing fearless journalism and commentary. They have completed coursework towards a Master of Fine Arts at SUNY Buffalo and earned their undergraduate degree in philosophy from the University of Michigan. In their spare time, they try to keep up on critical theory, play video games, and contribute to local organizing projects to solve the housing crisis and end the displacement of people of color in Oakland, CA.

Laura Li

Campaigner, 18MR

Laura Li organizes Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders on issues ranging from Net Neutrality and healthcare to police brutality and deportations. As a second-generation Asian American woman and a first generation college graduate, Laura's organizing and educational philosophy is based in empowerment through forming self and community identity. She also consults on criminalization issues affecting Muslim, Arab and South Asian communities with the Proteus Fund and its Security and Rights Collaborative.

Turner William

Social Media Organizer, 18MR

Turner Willman is the Social Media Organizer for 18 Million Rising, starting in May 2018. Prior to joining 18MR, Turner was the Digital Manager at Center for Media Justice, where they developed and implemented digital organizing and resource generation strategies. Turner has also mobilized resources for the reproductive justice movement, as well as supported API women nail salon workers’ rights, immigrant rights, and environmental justice. Turner is a proud second-generation, queer, trans, prison abolitionist and mixed-race Filipinx. In their spare time, they enjoy hiking around the Bay Area, providing support to incarcerated queer and trans people, and cooking with friends. They are the recipient of a 2017-18 Techquity fellowship, a program designed to develop emerging technology leaders working within progressive organizations. Turner holds a BA in Environmental Science & Policy and Women & Gender Studies from Smith College.

Bianca Nozaki-Nasser

Product Strategist, 18MR

Bianca Nasser is a product strategist, design researcher, and educator living in Los Angeles, California. Her work investigates the intersections of digital media, participatory culture, and communication design. In her early career, she co-founded a mobile-first platform for patient-generated health data management. She also developed a cultural trend forecasting tool based on social data while working as a cultural strategist for a global advertising agency. Previously, she served as a Special Projects Assistant at the USC Center on Communication Leadership and Policy researching the impacts of mobile technology on human trafficking. Bianca has a M.A. in Media Design Practices from the ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena and her B.A. in Communication from the University of Southern California. She is also the co-founder of the Antiracist Classroom, an initiative to counteract racism and white supremacy in design education and practice, and is a steering committee member for amwa.

Teresa Basilio Gaztambide

Director, Resilient Just Networks

Teresa Basilio Gaztambide is the Director of Resilient Just Networks working in collaboration with communities in NYC and Puerto Rico to co-design, build and maintain weather-resistant and locally controlled wifi networks and to work with local partners to bring critical communications infrastructure to historically under-resourced and marginalized communities. Prior to this she was the Co-Executive Director of Global Action Project, a NYC organization that trains youth from low income, new immigrant, trans,gender non-conforming, and LGBQI communities to be media makers for our movements for social justice.Teresa is also a multidisciplinary artist and organizer. Her latest production Voces de Fillmore is a documentary on the experiences of Puerto Rican families living in one block in the neighborhood of Los Sures in Williamsburg, Brooklyn dealing with the impact of the gentrification and displacement of their working class community. One of her proudest organizing experiences was coordinating the Detroit & Puerto Rico Solidarity Exchange at the 2017 Allied Media Conference which brought together a delegation of 75 Detroit and Puerto Rican organizers and cultural workers (from the archipelago and diaspora) committed to grassroots efforts rooted in self-determination, to share strategies, build relationships, and imagine a world where all people are free.

Brianna Kingsley

Accountant, Allied Media Projects

Brianna contributes to the success of the organization by leveraging her accounting and finance acumen to make the radical practical. She is an honors graduate of Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration with over a decade of fiduciary experience. She has held roles in banking, accounting, and finance in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. As an activist, Brianna has helped organize and/or spoke at Love is Love rallies, the Detroit Slutwalk, Rally for Immigrant Solidarity, and protests against Conversion Therapy and the Transgender Troops Ban. When she isn't crunching numbers, analyzing spreadsheets, or protesting in the streets, she enjoys playing the piano and cuddling with her pit bull.

Kris Miller

General Counsel, Allied Media Projects

Kris serves as AMPs General Counsel, and finds tax and property law interesting. Prior to joining AMP, he lead the Fair Housing Center of Southwest Michigan as Executive Director. Kris is currently a Detroit Equity Action Lab Fellow working on deepening relationships with other social justice leaders in the region to impact greater change. When Kris is not doing this work, you’ll likely find him running.

Hailey Dukes

Hailey Dukes is the Communications Manager for Allied Media Projects,
joining the team in 2019 after attending her first AMC conference in
2018. With a strong background in marketing and journalism, she has
worked to promote Detroit arts & culture for several years through
online and print publications. Hailey has a Bachelor of Social Work
obtained from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI. Outside of
the office, Hailey is a DJ and party promoter, pursuing
equality and liberation for marginalized communities through dance

Board of Directors

Organizational affiliations listed for identification purposes only.

Hannah Sassaman

Policy Director at Media Mobilizing Project

Hannah is the policy director at Media Mobilizing Project (MMP). She's currently leading a local-to-national campaign to force Comcast to pay their fair share and expand the right to communicate. She came to MMP as a trainer in communications, legislative planning and strategy, and as a longtime media justice organizer. As the Campaign Director at the Prometheus Radio Project, Hannah helped lead and design the grassroots organizing and legislative strategy that resulted in the passage of the Local Community Radio Act - a bill that opened up the FM dial to thousands more community radio stations nationwide. Hannah is a member of the Board of Directors of Allied Media Projects, a trustee at the Valentine Foundation, and a board member at Fight for the Future. She is also the mom of incredible preschooler Sara Bela Sassaman Marcus, and the partner of brilliant community programmer Josh Marcus.

Emi Kane

Emi Kane's background is in community organizing and journalism. She spent years as a writer and editor, and now spends her time thinking about and building media and technology-based infrastructure and networks to support grassroots organizing and educational projects. A former National Steering Committee member for INCITE: Women and Trans People of Color Against Violence, she coordinates the INCITE digital archives and oral history project. She also works with educators and activists to develop popular education tools and curriculum that address the intersections between surveillance and social movements. In her paid job, Emi works with a big university and a small foundation to build programs focused on technology, arts & education, and healthcare delivery.

Sasha Costanza-Chock

Associate Professor of Civic Media at MIT

Sasha Costanza-Chock (pronouns: they/them or she/her) is Associate Professor of Civic Media at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). They are a Faculty Associate at the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, Faculty Affiliate with the MIT Open Documentary Lab and the MIT Center for Civic Media, and creator of the MIT Codesign Studio ( Their work focuses on social movements, transformative media organizing, and design justice. Sasha’s first book, Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets: Transmedia Organizing and the Immigrant Rights Movement was published by the MIT Press and is freely available at Their next book, dealing with issues of Design Justice, will be published in the summer of 2019. They are a cofounder of the Design Justice Network ( and a board member of Allied Media Projects (AMP); AMP convenes the annual Allied Media Conference and cultivates media strategies for a more just, creative and collaborative world (

Garlin Gilchrist II

Garlin Gilchrist II served as the Founding Executive Director of the Center for Social Media Responsibility at the University of Michigan School of Information. The Center’s mission is to help media platforms—like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter—meet their public responsibilities. Prior to that role, Gilchrist served as the City of Detroit's first ever Director of Innovation and Emerging Technology. His job was to restore trust in government by making it more responsive and opening access to the city's public data and information for the consumption and benefit of all Detroiters. Garlin graduated with degrees in Computer Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Michigan, and became a Software Engineer at Microsoft. He co-founded The SuperSpade: Black Thought at the Highest Level, a leading Black political blog. He also served as Social Media Manager for the 2008 Obama campaign in Washington, and then became Director of New Media at the Center for Community Change. He spent two years creating and implementing a strategy for the center to take it's decades years of community organizing experience into the digital age. Garlin lives in his hometown of Detroit with his beautiful wife Ellen and their twins Garlin III and Emily Grace.

Cézanne Charles

Director of Creative Industries at Creative Many Michigan

Cézanne Charles is director of creative industries at Creative Many Michigan. Charles directs Creative Many’s statewide programs providing the knowledge, networks and advocacy needed to help empower the practices of artists, designers and designer-makers within the state. She joined Creative Many in 2008. Charles also co-directs rootoftwo, LLC, a hybrid design studio founded with John Marshall in 1998. rootoftwo, based in metro Detroit, makes hybrid design projects, social objects, experiences and works for the public realm – typically at the scale of devices, furniture or small buildings – to encourage interaction and engagement. Their experimental objects and experiences attempt to disrupt and expose existing systems of social behavior through humor, play, interaction and participation. Recent project, Whithervanes – commissioned by The Creative Foundation for the Folkestone Triennial 2014 and Locust Projects in Miami 2018 was featured in Wired, Dezeen, and Fast Company. Their projects create a condition where we can perceive ourselves; the here and now; and perhaps the future, differently.

Moya Bailey

Assistant Professor in the Department of Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies and the Program in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Northeastern University

Dr. Moya Bailey's work focuses on marginalized groups’ use of digital media to promote social justice as acts of self-affirmation and health promotion. She is interested in how race, gender, and sexuality are represented in media and medicine. She currently curates the #transformDH Tumblr initiative in Digital Humanities. She is also the digital alchemist for the Octavia E. Butler
Legacy Network.

Helixx C. Armageddon

Helixx C. Armageddon is a performance artist, lyricist, poet, and music producer. She is a founding member of The Anomolies, a gender justice hip-hop collective, which performed at the Allied Media Conference in 2008. Helixx was a Human Resources professional with over 20 years’ experience working in Media, Technology and Entertainment. Currently she is working on an experimental spoken word album and is based in New York City.

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Allied Media Projects was founded in 2002 by Joshua Breitbart, Jen Angel, and Jason Kucsma.