Cultivating Media for Liberation


Allied Media Projects (AMP) cultivates media for liberation. Our media includes all the ways we communicate with the world. Our liberation is an ongoing process of personal, collective, and systemic transformation. We are a network of people and projects, rooted in Detroit and connected to hundreds of other places across the globe. Together, we grow and exchange ways of using media to create the world we need.*


*AMP envisions and attempts to model a world in which we, collectively:

Care for ourselves, each other, other species, and the planet;
Dismantle supremacist systems as they operate upon us and within us;
Assume responsibility for creating new liberatory ways of being, and;
Cultivate life affirming joy.


AMP’s goals are to:

  • Support and grow our network. We do this through administrative services that increase our communities’ ability to access resources and help make the radical practical.
  • Convene and shape our network. We do this through transformative events that foster critical connections between people, projects, and ideas.
  • Amplify the power of our network. We do this through storytelling platforms and programs that distribute media-based organizing genius in a multitude of forms.

AMP Programs

The Sponsored Projects Program provides fiscal sponsorship, training, and capacity-building to people and projects aligned with AMP’s mission.

The Allied Media Conference is a convening of AMP’s vast network where we celebrate, strategize, and skillshare.
The Speakers Bureau disseminates the skills, ideas, and media of the AMP network to the wider public.

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