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Center for Embodied Pedagogy & Action

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About CEPA

Cepa’s mission is to foster the decolonization of Puerto Rico through initiatives which support our individual and collective capacity to live in wholeness. Together we explore the intersections of health and freedom by asking how colonialism has shaped our relationships to our bodies, each other and the earth. Key to our work is practice; together we learn strategies to uproot trauma and transform our lives.

After Hurricane Maria hit in Puerto Rico, we created and distributed wellness medicine kits across the island to organizers, mothers and elderly, offering teas, tinctures, salves and educational graphics to calm crisis fatigue, overwhelm and grief. A great deal of medicine came from our diaspora allies based in cities across the US. We facilitated weekly healing circles and started a year-long a survival skills workshop series about how to live well in times without reliable electricity or water services. Now, we are gearing up for the rebuilding phase, currently searching for a home base where we can make medicine, move our bodies and share accessible and relevant tools for living a sustainable future in the wake of crisis.


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