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LGBTQ self-education and self-empowerment

The mission of Detroit REPRESENT! is to inspire and support community organizing efforts lead by LGBTQ youth of color from Detroit. We aim to resist erasure and misportrayal by actively engaging in the work of self-education and self-empowerment to create a revolutionary media alternative that authentically portrays our communities, our lives, and ourselves.

We hold ongoing, weekly meetings and any LGBTQ youth of color from the city of Detroit (ages 24 and younger) are welcome to join. LGBTQ adults of color are also welcome to get involved in a supportive capacity. Interested individuals can email or call 313 731 2453 to learn how to get involved.

At each of our meetings, we discuss injustices, oppression, or current struggles facing LGBTQ youth of color, and work on a media project designed to address it. Our goal is to use the media we create as a tool of social justice, by representing ourselves and our community with authenticity. Learn more about Detroit Represent.


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