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Motor City Street Dance Academy



Fresh Classics

Fresh Classics, our primary performance group, consists of members from the Ill Minded Styles, 61syx Teknique, Crooks Crew, and Team Gurren. Every Fresh Classics member is a teacher, mentor, or director who has spent years in the competitive street dance scene. Coming together in 2015, Fresh Classics bridges multiple styles with dynamic movements over contemporary and traditional music. Fresh Classics supports many local artists and performs for some of the biggest names to come into Detroit. Most importantly, Fresh Classics always delivers!

I Love 80's Performance

Who We Are

Top Rock Session with Mav-One & Seoul

"MCSDA interview by Albi Taipi - Warrior Mode - Wayne State University Breakdance Club"

We Are Culture Creators: MCSDA at the Detroit Institute of Arts

MCSDA hosted multiple elements to help draw attendees into the opening weekend of the D'cyphered exhibit. We hosted both dance & DJ workshops and performances, live art, and our aerosol art demonstrations.

Uniquely Detroit: Motor City Breakerz (WDIV)