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Motor City Street Dance Academy

Benito Vasquez

Benito "Mav-One" Vasquez

Native to Southwest Detroit, Benito "Mav-One"Vasquez came up at a time when hip-hop was a cultural norm. Breakdance crews practiced at parks and rec centers, were respected by community leaders and maintained a competitive, non-combative spirit in their competitions. Existing in the cultural in-between, hip-hop was taught person-to-person. For Benito, it was the one constant amidst many changes in his life. In 2004, many places closed off hip-hop programming. Benito continued practicing hip-hop with a small crew traveling to competitions. Benito opened MCSDA in 2015 to bring back what was almost lost.


Dontez "Just" Jones

Dontez "Just" Jones began dancing in early 2007. His influences in dance are his family, crew, and friends he surrounds himself with. In the beginning of his dance career, Just trained himself (with the help of others) in the art of breaking. As time passed, he began to learn about and train in street dances including popping, locking, and hip-hop freestyle. As his skills grew, Just began to battle at local events and he has had the privilege of being a judge for many competitions throughout the Midwest. Just is also a part of an extremely talented international street dance crew named “ill Minded Stylez”. As he continues to be a student in this culture of dance, he always strives to be the best he can while showing everyone his gift of dance that God has blessed him with.

DJ RX-78

James "DJ RX-78" Easterly

DJ Instructor
A producer and DJ for the B-boy and hip-hop community since 2009, DJ RX-78 blends breakbeats with anime and video game music to carve a new and unique path in hip-hop. He is also an accomplished artist who has worked to create visuals for musical artists like Mega Ran, K-Murdock, and a Japanese psychedelic donuts band named the Zoobombs.

Kevin F

Kevin Furgerson

Comic & Anime Club Instructor
A B-boy, muralist, and comic book artist, Kevin is an illustration graduate of the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI and director of the C.O.M.I.C. (Creating Original Meaning In Comics) class at the Motor City Street Dance Academy where he teaches comic art and storytelling to youth. He is currently working on the Beat Warrior webcomic series.

"Poppet" Chris Abolio

"Poppet" Chris Abolio is a professional entertainer and teaches Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in after-school programs. Combined with her passion to help keep her community healthy, strong, and safe from injury; Poppet's background in Street Dance, Circus Flow Arts, and Weightlifting is the inspiration behind her power flow classes and teachings. She received her RYT200 from a Baptiste studio and is currently working towards her RYT500 certification.