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Project Hajra

Program Co-Coordinators


With a background in early childhood education and a passion for organizing in her community, Amrah has her roots in Karachi, Pakistan. She is now based in Queens, NYC. Amrah can speak Urdu, Hindi, and English while understanding Punjabi and Sindhi. Amrah is trained in CPR-First Aid (specialization in pediatrics) and wants to explore long term options where folks can live in collective housing. She is invested in developing shared childcare, cooking, and rideshare practices to help decrease isolation.


Although she has a degree in Comparative Religion and Psychology, and studied somatic based trauma, Theodora’s long-lasting organizing experience and joy comes from working in collective community around gender justice with her local Muslim communities in Queens. As a white Muslim with chronic disabilities, she appreciates learning about other models of survival and
from those who know best. Her roots are rural, but since coming to NYC, feels at home in Queens. Theodora speaks English and can comprehend basic Urdu, Hindi, and Farsi.


HA is a proud Hazara woman with a master’s degree in technology and loves studying. She also specialties in CPR and early childhood education. HA is passionate about Queens and building trust between various impacted communities in order to fight back together. She speaks dari/farsi dialects , Urdu/Hindi, and English. HA is a mother and brings creativity to everything she does.

Informal Volunteer Advisors

In order to be accountable to our communities, Project Hajra is switching from an advisory board model to working groups. This includes members and informal advisors. These advisors support membership goals as they can related to their interest, time, and expertise. Several informal advisors listed below.

Soniya Munshi

Soniya Munshi is a NYC-based queer South Asian writer, researcher, community activist. She is an Assistant Professor at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, where she teaches Sociology and Asian American Studies. Soniya has been involved in anti-violence work for twenty years, in roles that range from providing supportive services in a crisis shelter to developing programs and organizations, and mostly with South Asian, immigrant, people of color and/or LGBTQ communities. In addition to working with Project Hajra, Soniya is a member of the National Collective of INCITE! Women, Gender Non-Conforming and Trans People of Color and the Critical Ethnic Studies Working Group.

Vidya Sri

Vidya Sri leads the Initiative on Violence Against Women (VAW) which examines the legal and implementation gaps in the global framework on VAW. Vidya is the Founder of Gangashakti, an organization that conducts research and raises awareness on Forced Marriage. Gangashakti provides technical assistance on forced marriage and delivers training to service providers.

Darakshan Raja

Darakshan Raja is a community organizer, anti-gender-based violence advocate, and community-based researcher. Darakshan is the Co-Executive Director at the Washington Peace Center, where she works to support grassroots organizing and focuses on racial justice organizing. Darakshan is also a co-founder of the Muslim American Women's Policy Forum, a collective of Muslim women and allies organizing locally in the District, and serves on the Advisory Board of Asian/Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project.