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Afrofuture Youth

Close-up of three afrofuture youth organizers with serious expressions, wearing makeup and facepaint on their cheeks and foreheads

Afrofuture youth is a Detroit based, youth led, initiative that gives middle and high schoolers space and resources to build a new, more equitable world, through an Afrofuturist, healing centered, framework, to support all aspects of black lives.

Through participation in a curriculum focused on healing, political education, and mobilization, youth will gain the insight to add depth to their analysis of of the inequities that impact a wide spectrum of black lives. The aforementioned piece results in our mission of using art and tech as tools to envision and physically creates a world that centers black life, healing, and access to resources. Youth will work one on one with local Detroit artists to create a blueprint for this alternative world, through various art modalities, and use tech, media, and various projects, to bring said vision into fruition. We hope to use our energy to create what we want to see instead of solely challenging what we don’t.


August 11: Afrofuture Youth Fundraiser Kick-off
NorWest Art Gallery, 19556 Grand River
5 - 7PM