Consentful Tech Project

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Consentful Tech Project

consentful tech project logo and the words "enthusiastic, specific, informed, reversible, and freely given" on colorful shapes

The Consentful Tech Project supports people in building consentful technologies, and in using technology consentfully.

  • We have authored the Building Consentful Tech zine
  • We have trained the Detroit Digital Stewards in how to foster consent culture through their work and are working with the Detroit Community Technology Project to expand that training into e-learning curriculum modules
  • We are developing a UX/UI bootcamp-style course based in consentful tech and design justice. It would be offered for free/at a low cost for designers and community technologists who are committed to working according to these principles

Funders & Supporters

And Also Too — in kind administrative & design support
Digital Justice Lab Toronto — support for website development and zine printing
Mozilla Foundation — support for the creation of the Building Consentful Tech zine

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